With a team of highly-qualified and talented individuals, AffKada’s affiliate platform brings together major brands from the world of online gaming, financial trading and e-commerce retailers with leading publishers, offering high-quality content, and individual affiliates to create an innovative advertising marketplace for all sides’ mutual benefit.

The advertisers AffKada partners with are industry-specific leaders with vast knowledge in their respective areas and deliver unmatched level of performance to clients, as we collaborate only with proven, reputable establishments.

Our deep marketing insight and professional, results-orientated approach allow AffKada to constantly meet and exceed projected goals – through the high-quality traffic we provide our partners with, we are able to achieve outstanding levels of conversion and life-time customer value for a healthy increase in the stream of revenue any business needs to grow and develop.

Our tailored affiliate program provides a flexible, resourceful and effective solution, which rewards our clients’ business efforts – we offer extensive tracking and reporting analysis, so you make sure the dedicated stream of valuable online traffic results in the maximum possible stream of revenue, while our fair and transparent rewarding scheme guarantees prompt and generous payments.

Our advertising partners benefit from massive exposure on a global scale via relevant and dedicated marketing and PR campaigns, which enable us to achieve strong brand awareness in a wide variety of lucrative industries.

All of AffKada’s partnering brands benefit from a personally committed team of professionals, who are always by your side to offer expert advice and assistance any time they are needed.

We strive to deliver highly-adaptable solutions and services, as we understand no two businesses are the same. Our energetic team endeavors to swiftly recognize a venture’s key strengths and areas needing optimization with a single goal in mind – to reach higher revenues by driving valuable online traffic to attractively smart marketing campaigns.


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AffKada engages in partnerships with brands strategically selected by our team – the advertisers we successfully work with have demonstrated their leadership in the respective geographical and business areas they operate in, guaranteeing instant and continuous grow in revenue. We have also gone through substantial effort to assess them with AffKada’s own traffic to make sure the desired levels of conversion and gaming experience satisfaction are reached.


Outstanding Commission
AffKada offers generous terms of commission – top payouts on first-time deposits, all in a fair and timely manner.
High Conversion
Our platform combines industry-leading products and services from major brands and operators, fitting for your business to deliver unmatched levels of conversion.
Tailored Solutions
The vast business expertise we have acquired throughout the years as affiliates enables us to offer the right solution to individual partners.
Creative Designs
AffKada’s team of talented, creative individuals swiftly recognizes and produces the just-right marketing tools for our affiliate partners.
We Can Help
Our deep knowledge and vast experience in online-operating ventures make us confident any business can benefit from our dedication.
Advanced Technology
The highly-customized solutions we offer provide for seamless tracking of traffic and real-time data analysis.

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AffKada has developed a range of revenue models and schemes to suit the wide variety of our partners’ operations, enabling them to generate and boost their income from the get-go. This is also due to the easily achievable and unmatched conversion rates we are happy to register with our cutting-edge platform.

We always stay on top of trends, by constantly analyzing the market to offer the best possible deals and packages to new partners, which in return benefits affiliates who can channel online traffic to the highest-performing and most appealing client acquisition campaigns.   

After this important step is completed successfully, AffKada’s highly-advanced and customized retention programs come in play, guaranteeing business their new customers are satisfied and keep returning, so the desired revenue targets are met.

Learn how you can successfully join this industry, worth billions.

AffKada Platform Revenue Models

AffKada has established a number of reward schemes to suit our current and future partners, so they start earning and growing their revenue figures with us. Our Revenue share model allows you to earn a percentage of the full amount an individual user spends on a service during their whole life-time as customer. Also offered is our great CPA-based model (cost per acquisition), representing a one-time payment for each new depositing user. Combining both Revenue Share and CPA-based schemes in a single, specifically tailored agreement is also possible with our mixed Hybrid model

Note: We fully understand how important it is to be flexible in this dynamic and growing industry – that’s why we are always welcoming other possible reward models, more appropriate to the specific nature of your business.

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